Helicopter CFI Program

Our helicopter flight training program offers comprehensive flight and ground syllabi to help you achieve your CFI certification with confidence.

Helicopter pilots with experience and at least 1000 hours of flight time are sought by commercial operators. The question is: how does a low time pilot with a Commercial certificate build enough hours to become commercially viable? The answer is: he or she becomes a helicopter flight instructor and instructs until the necessary hours have been accrued. Not only does instructing build the hours that you need for the industry, it polishes the skills commercial operators are looking for in a competent pilot.

The ground course at Command Aviation covers everything from Fundamentals of Instruction and endorsements to the CFI Practical test standards, putting together your CFI binder and teaching in and out of the aircraft.

The likely range of training costs for a Certified Flight Instructor certification. Training costs will vary depending on ability and effort applied by the student.
Below is a list of the books and equipment necessary for the course:

CFI Test Prep CFI Oral Exam Guide
Instructor’s Handbook

*The FAA has no particular hour requirement for flight or ground instruction that the applicant must receive. The applicant must, however, have his or her commercial certificate. The applicant must demonstrate a high level of competency in fight skills and in ground knowledge.
**The Program provides for at least 20 hours dual instruction to the CFI applicant. More dual instruction may be necessary to adequately prepare the student for the CFI check ride.
***The FAA has no requirement for ground instruction prior to certification. The FAA, however, requires the student pass two written tests as well as an oral exam prior to certification.