Helicopter Private Pilot

If you’ve been looking at helicopter training schools, our Flight Training program offers a comprehensive Private Pilot Training Package at competitive prices.

A typical Private Pilot program would include 50 hours of flight time (40 hours dual and 10 hours solo). Flight training begins with simple maneuvers, such as straight and level flight, and progresses to more complicated maneuvers as your proficiency grows. Courtesy and patience are important factors to mentor you through the process with student safety and progress being the first priorities.

A comprehensive ground program (35 hours) will not only prepare you for the Private Pilot written and oral exams but serves as the major knowledge base for the Commercial and CFI certifications as well. Command Aviation’s ground program includes helicopter components, aerodynamics, flight manuals, weight and balance, weather and weather services, flight planning and navigation, airspace, regulations and the Aeronautical Information Manual.

Dual instruction $265 / hour 30 hours* $7,950 40 hours** $10,600
Solo $235 / hour 10 hours $2,350 10 hours $2,350
Ground instruction $45 / hour 35 hours*** $1,575
Books $300 $300 $300
Medical $100 $100 $100
Written $100 $100 $100
Check ride $450 $450 $450
Total 40 hours total flight time $11,250 50 hours total flight time $15,475

This table explains the likely range of training costs for a private pilot certification. The FAA column explains the FAA minimums whereas the Program column explains the minimum likely costs of training. Training costs will vary depending on ability and effort applied by the student. Below is a list of the books and equipment necessary for the course:

Aviation Weather Aviation Weather Services
R22 POH Helicopter Oral Exam Guide
Pilot Log Book Jeppesen Private Handbook
Private Pilot Test Prep Private Oral Exam Guide
Private PTS Principals of Helicopter Flight
Rotorcraft Flying Handbook Rotating Plotter
R22 Flight Training Guide E6-B Flight Computer
VFR Kneeboard

*FAA requires at least 40 hours of flight and 20 hours of dual instruction. In most cases 20 hours dual instruction is insufficient training time to make a student proficient to solo.
**The Program gives the student 40 hours dual instruction to prepare the student for solo as well as the FAA check ride.
***The FAA has no requirement for ground instruction prior to certification. The FAA, however, requires the student pass a written test as well as an oral exam prior to certification.