Aircraft Sales

  • As a private individual, buying and selling aircraft can be risky. Let an experienced broker maximize your profit and minimize your risk by helping you avoid the potential pitfalls involved in buying or selling a large asset.

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If You Are Selling

If you have an aircraft for sale, setting a profitable but competitive price is a delicate balance. It helps to have experience and industry knowledge on your side.

If You Are Buying

Evaluating the condition of the aircraft and determining market value requires experience and knowledge. Negotiating a fair deal takes skill and patience. You’ll want pre-buy inspections with results that you can rely on. Our experienced, reputable maintenance experts know what to look for, are familiar with industry standards and can help you negotiate a fair deal. You can trust us to have your back.

Shared Ownership:  In our business, we often know of those who are seeking to partner with others in the purchase of an aircraft. If you are interested in co-owning, we can put you in touch with others of like mind.

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