Helicopter Services

  • Command offers a range of helicopter services, including aerial photography flights and aerial surveys.

  • Helicopter Services and Tours

Aerial Photography/Photo Flights

If you work in a field that requires aerial photographs a helicopter aerial photography flight is ideal for capturing just the shots you need.  Whether you’re a professional photographer in need of special perspective or an amateur looking for a unique shot, our Robinson R-22 helicopter is a stable aerial platform that will meet your needs for a cost effective price.

From the majestic foot hills of the Cascades to the emerald islands of the San Juan Islands, a photo flight can provide a unique view of the Pacific Northwest.

Aerial Surveys

If you are a professional whose requirement is to see from the air, whether your mission is to chart a power line, execute pipeline patrol, check out a piece of property or count wild life, aerial survey flights are available for scheduling.

Command Aviation’s rate for a Robinson R-22 Helicopter rental rate (with pilot ) is $295.00 per hour.

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