Getting Started

  • Learning to fly in the Pacific Northwest region gives you the added advantage of experiencing the most beautiful and diverse flying conditions found anywhere.

  • Introductory Flight Training - Learn to Fly - Pacific Northwest, Bellingham

Command Aviation’s training facility is located at KBLI airport in Bellingham, Washington.

If your interest is in learning to fly fixed wing aircraft our program is divided into two primary parts: ground study and flight training. Ground study teaches students the principles, procedures and regulations. Flight training puts the knowledge portion to use and how to safely and legally operate an aircraft. Ground study can be done in a formal classroom (classes at a local college or predetermined schedule on location) or by self-study programs determined by your instructor and based on your specific needs.

Getting Started

Starting your training is a very simple process. Just call or email our office with the link below and ask to schedule an intro flight. Our customer service representative will arrange for an instructor to contact you. They will arrange a time to meet and familiarize you with the facility, study material requirements and you will be able to fly the aircraft on your very first visit (weather permitting). On your second scheduled training flight you will need to provide a drivers license, passport or birth certificate and prior to solo you will need to pass an FAA medical examination administered by an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner). Our friendly instructors will guide you through the rest. If you want to locate a AME near you go to this website:

Become a Pilot

The decision to start flight training is a big commitment. To help you determine if flight training is for you, we suggest an introductory flight. This is where you get to hands on controls and the fly the aircraft. We have two basic time suggestions. One is a flight consisting of a half an hour of ground and a half an hour air instruction in the aircraft. Second one is a flight consisting of a 1 hour ground and 1 hour air instruction in the aircraft. All flight time can be applied to your minimum hour requirement for the FAA so we would highly recommend the 1 hour ground and 1 hour flight. After your flight you will realize how your dream can come true. For a thorough understanding of FAA requirements, please visit FAA’s pilot page The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of training including at least 20 hours of flight training from an authorized instructor.

Introductory Flight

AIRCRAFT 1 Hr total time Combination flight and ground training
Piper Warrior $200.00
  1. Approximately .50-.75 hour flight
    (based on the Hobbs hour meter in the aircraft)
  2. Approximately .25 hour briefing and ground training
  3. Passenger and Pilot weight limit may apply in certain aircraft
  4. Typical time is 20 minutes of ground and 40 minutes of flight time
Cessna 172 $200.00


Command Aviation has many ways that you can pay for your flight training or the rental of aircraft.

  1. Pay as you go with cash, check, debit or credit card (3% fee may apply to credit card transactions)
  2. Place a minimum of $1500  on your account with cash, check or debit card and receive a discount on your aircraft rental by $7 per hour, and $3 per hour towards the instruction fee a discount, this is called a “Block Discount.”  Your account must always be at zero or a positive balance to receive discount. (Discount not available with credit card deposit)
  3. Student loan

Credit card info or advance payment required on all intro and training flights unless prior approval from management.

No Shows will be charged a $60.00 no show fee.

Please look at our competitive price list: 2023 Flight School Price List

** prices are subjected to change without notice**

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