Meet Our Instructors

Daryl Wade

Daryl Wade: CFI, CFII








Single-Engine Land and Sea: Commercial, Instrument

Multi-Engine: Airline Transport Pilot

Tailwheel instruction experience


Felice Artuso: CFI









Unlike many other pilots, Felice didn’t grow up around aviation or know anyone who was a pilot. Her interest in flying started later in her life when she was living in Truckee, CA, rock climbing, skiing, and mountain biking. Through her community in Truckee, she became close friends with a few CFI’s and began taking lessons with them. Soon after, she left her career in the outdoor industry to pursue aviation full time.

When she isn’t flying, Felice is usually outside mountain biking, skiing, sailing, or climbing.


Rorey Stevenson: CFI, CFII









Single-Engine Land: Commercial, Instrument.