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  • Helicopter Pilot Training

Our Helicopter Pilot Training program is a key program of our Flight Training school. It allows students to progress through Private, Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor licenses that open opportunities to build flight hours and further their career pathways.

Command offers instruction and training for the following certifications:

We currently do not have a way to do instrument flight training as we do not have a helicopter instrument trainer.  We can, however, do the ground training for instrument.  Our program provides training in a Robinson R-22, the most utilized light piston training helicopters in the industry.

Helicopter Training School is divided into two parts: Ground School and Flight Training.

Ground School teaches students the principles, procedures and regulations that are put into practice during flight lessons. Ground school can be done in a formal classroom (classes at a local college or predetermined schedule) or by self-study programs determined by your instructor and based on your specific needs.

Command Aviation prepares its students in both ground school and flight training, but highly recommends using computer and book based resources for a majority of ground school preparation. All training at Command Aviation is custom tailored to the individual students’ needs and schedule.  There are a number of resources available for sale at Command Aviation’s Pilot Shop and online. An instructor’s endorsement is required for a student to take the FAA test.

Helicopter Training in the Pacific Northwest, Bellingham WA

A comprehensive ground program (roughly 35 hours) will prepare students for the Private Pilot written and oral exams and will serve as a base for Commercial and CFI certifications as well.  Ground programs include mastery of helicopter components, aerodynamics, flight manuals, weight and balance, weather and weather services, flight planning and navigation, airspace regulations and more.

Flight training for rotor-wing aircraft at Command Aviation is done in the Robinson-22 helicopter.

Helicopter School Pricing

Students and/or pilots flying our rotor-wing aircraft may purchase $2,400.00 of credit towards their account for rental and/or instruction. This will discount their aircraft rental by $7 per hour, and $3 per hour towards the instruction fee.

For a complete listing of our rates, please follow the link 2020 Flight School Price List

or contact Command Aviation staff for more information.

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