Commercial Helicopter Pilot Program

The student interested in helicopter pilot careers can further their flight training with our Commercial Pilot Program.

Pilots who fly for hire have earned a commercial pilot’s license and have had extensive flight training, as well as more advanced ratings pertinent to the jobs they seek or currently have.

Our Commercial Pilot program builds on the skills that the student learned as a Private Pilot and hones those skills to the higher standard required for helicopter careers. The student will gain more confidence and self reliance with more hours dedicated to solo flight. The training includes IFR and off airport operations as well.

The likely range of training costs for a Commercial certification. The FAA column explains the FAA minimums whereas the Program column explains the minimum likely costs of training. Training costs will vary depending on ability and effort applied by the student.

Below is a list of the books and equipment necessary for the course:

Aviation Weather Aviation Weather Services
R22 POH Helicopter Oral Exam Guide
PTS Comm./CFI Jeppesen Private Handbook
Comm. Test Prep Comm. Oral Exam Guide
Private PTS Principals of Helicopter Flight
Rotorcraft Flying Handbook Rotating Plotter
R22 Flight Training Guide E6-B Flight Computer
VFR Kneeboard

*The FAA requires that an applicant for a Commercial certificate have a Private Pilot certificate, 150 hours of flight and 100 hours Pilot In Command. In general, once the student has achieved a Private Pilot certification he or she will have at least 50 hours of flight and 10 hours of Pilot In Command. Therefore, what a student will need to achieve the Commercial certification will be 100 hours more flight time with a minimum of 20 hours dual.
**The Program provides for at least 30 hours dual instruction as the FAA minimum of 20 hours dual instruction is usually not enough time to adequately prepare the student for the Commercial check ride.
***The FAA has no requirement for ground instruction prior to certification. The FAA, however, requires the student pass a written test as well as an oral exam prior to certification.